Saturday, March 12, 2011

what we did tonight

(some of my favorites)
(some for more or less obvious reasons)
and maybe my husband is regretting this purchase, because OH YEAH, these are all products of the t2i.
and maybe he had to wait for me to catch up on more than one occasion.
can you tell I'm (we're) doing a lot of experimenting?
OH!  and I can't wait til Monday, when Natalie from Where I Am will join us for our very first guest post!  Here's a little about Nat to get you all excited and stuff.
she loves ketsup.  she  doesn’t like to hear people eating food.  she knows how many cows are in a head.  she’s very intuitive.  she knows, even when she doesn’t know.  she understands.  she makes people around her want to be better.  she’s original.  she’s resourceful.  she’s talented.  one of her talents that I most admire is the talent to love deeply, gently, and unconditionally.  she’s one of the best moms (of F.I.V.E.- hello! Grammy/Oscar/Pulitzer anyone?) I ever saw.  she’s absolutely stunningly beautiful.  one of those that is on the inside AND out, that you don’t think really could exist.  the first time I saw her, I thought she was my (future) husband’s wife, and I was jealous.  did that husband stuff just boggle your mind?  maybe I’ll post about that someday.  she’s a little bit terrified of bees.  and she’s an amazing writer.  and she is an absolute delight.
see you monday!


  1. GORGEOUS pics rem! I love the one of cole and the mr. the trees create such a beautiful dimension. the fact that you have a pic of a horse (which too is lovely), made me laugh. (only because it was taken by none other than 'horse girl' herself:))

    your sentiments about me were way too generous. like you could have stopped at 'she doesn't like to hear people eating food', and that would have summed me up perfectly:). love you rem.

  2. Great photos Rem! Great, just another Lundeen sister with a freakish amount of talent in any arena she tries that I'll never live up to!

    I'm so excited for you! Good pictures are absolutely priceless, what a great investment. Watch out Smith, here comes the camera!

    Love Jen (signed into Ky's account)