Monday, April 18, 2011

something delicious: super grains

cooked quinoa

I don't like meat, it grosses me out 99% of the time because of, don't judge me, the way it LOOKS.  but I'm forced to eat it for protein's sake.  so thank you, quinoa, for having as much protein as chicken.  also, how's about some amaranth?  its got MORE protein than chicken, and its got calcium, which I can't get from milk anymore {sad face, because I loooove me a glass of ice cold milk}, and no gluten.  I put a little bit of both in our chicken pot pie this weekend, and let hubs have all the chicken he wanted.  and I pop the amaranth (yeah, it pops!  like popcorn!  how cool is that!) and add it to chocolate chip cookies, for an added bit of yum.  you can only taste it slightly, but it even tastes great alone when its popped!
uncooked amaranth
I went to a class a couple weeks ago where I learned all about incorporating more grains and veggies into your meals, and I discovered about 10 grains I didn't know existed.  until then I thought grains were wheat and oatmeal and rice.  

try it out my friends, and tell me what you think.  I'm too giddy about this discovery for myself to be offended if you hate it.


  1. we love quinoa! riley is a we don't eat much meat over here so pass on any good recipes please!
    i'm so trying this amaranth stuff...

  2. How did we forget to make copies of your papers about the super grains/veggies when we were there this afternoon?!?!?