Monday, April 4, 2011

this weekend.....

I practiced my photography skillz
wondered if the beav would ever have to enter an education lottery

fell for yet another April fool's joke

watched our church conference and loved this and this talk most

met my parent's new boxer

danced around and around the house to this song
(dear rebecca, if you invite me to be in your next video, I'll make it easy for you and kick it in the front seat, you can sit in the back seat.)

tried to prove to my husband I was spontaneous last night by unsuccessfully swinging from a rope swing over the pool and back.  all kinds of wet and cold.
AAAAAAAND, I picked a WEENER.  okay, that happened this morning, but lets be honest, that's why you're reading about my weekend.

Congratulations SWEET LA LA! 
Please email me at with your address and I'll send my beloved bag right over!
for all of you darlings who entered, it looks like our next project giveaway will include navy, coral, and yellow.  so stick around, because our next diy is in the works!


  1. A new dog?!? Seriously?!? How did we miss this news? And how did your mom get suckered into having two dogs just months before Kade moves out and she's the one taking care of the dogs?

    Your bag turned out so cute, and so did the photographs! You are a natural Rem!

  2. I'm still giggling about the "unsuccessful" attempt at spontaneity...I'm totally not spontaneous, but I just tell the hubbs that he knew what he was getting into when he married me (c;

    Always glad to find another Mormon blogger...and conference was amazing...(c:

  3. Did you mean "Winner"? Because you clearly said "Penis".

  4. clearly my post said weener. not weiner. difference. big.

    speaking of weiner, don't force me to put up naked baby pictures of you.