Wednesday, October 5, 2011

skid makes his mark

beav (bubba.  skids. binks.  stinky-minks.  minks.) is loving the park nowadays.  the weather went from 102 earlier this week to 70 today and the neighborhood went nuts.  there were people EVERYWHERE.  kids galore.  so skids and I went playground hopping, as we often do when we are blessed with cloud cover or (brief) drops in temperature.

our first discovery was that he loves the slide.  the second was that he only goes face first, on his tummy.  sitting down takes too long, and why wouldn't you throw your body down the shoot as fast as possible?  it wasn't quite third, but maybe our fifth discovery that he had the tendency to put his hands down in front of him.  hands stopped moving, rest of the body didn't.  after numerous attempts and more than a few mother freak-out moments (because I thought he broke his back), I couldn't take it anymore and avoided the slide like the plague.

and then, a moment of mothering genius.

I asked skids if he wanted to go the park.  to the slides.  and show them who's boss.

aaaaand now we're back to the beginning of this post.  playground hopping.  in nothing else but...

hyeeeee-ya!  mittens.
(I know this picture is totally blown out but I just couldn't help myself.)

and now I'm traumatized that our newfound invention results in shooting off the end of the slide like a rocket.  you win some, you lose some, right?

this was a win.

 this is him laughing.  not screaming for help because he's rocketing off the slide.  promise.


  1. the name skids makes me laugh. what a cute boy. remi, you do need to explain to me how you decided to be a photographer and- poof!- you are one. seriously, because you're really good.