Monday, November 21, 2011

so in love

my husband is seriously a rockstar. 

not literally.

but once, when we first got married I convinced all his coworkers that he was too afraid to try out for American Idol when it came into town but it was his dream to be rockstar.  so  every single coworker stopped by his desk, cornered him in the break room, and called him to try to talk him into trying out.  when he told them they'd never even heard him sing they said, "but I've heard you whistle!  you're a GREAT whistler!"  and he called my desk and said that people kept telling him to follow his dreams and they were so sincere and he didn't know what that meant or why they kept telling him that.

it. was. awesome.

my husband is also a superhero.


one of my favorite parts of the day is when he tells me about his dreams right after we wake up and before he forgets them.  usually it involves saving the world and he shakes himself awake as he is hoisted up onto the grateful crowds' shoulders while chanting his name.  more often than not it involves aliens, but last night he was teamed up with Hulk Hogan to save mankind from an awful alien rule.

I hope I'm the fair maiden or spandex laiden sidekick at least sometimes ;)

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  1. i think cole should pursue his rockstar dreams!