Tuesday, January 10, 2012

something beautiful: consignment.

I never buy anything at Jo-Ann for full price.  or michaels.  or bookstores.  there will always be a coupon that will save you money.  what's even better than a coupon is when you can go somewhere where beautiful clothes/toys/cribs/carseats/strollers/bikes/shoes/playpens/furniture/pottys/highchairs/maternity clothes/diaper bags/baby bedding are exponentially cheaper than the originals and in nearly PERFECT condition.  

I got these sweet kicks from a consignment chain in Scottsdale called KID TO KID (just in case you couldn't read the tags I left in on purpose to make you jealous).  everything the beav wears comes from this place.  baby gap, nike, britax, bugaboo, sperry, kenneth cole, osh kosh, bumbo, graco, UPPAbaby, maclaren, l.a.m.b., juicy couture, quinny, baby bjorn, moby, radio flyer, and I saw these baby toms when I was there this weekend.  I just about died.

Scottsdale's location is most definitely the best, but I've been able to find some great stuff at other locations as well.  namely, my co-sleeper.  oh how I adored my co-sleeper.

these shoes are too big for beav now, but he's growing like a weed these days and shoes are the toughest things to keep up with, so I'll have these around and prepare for a growth spurt.  aren't those nike's the coolest?!

this is most definitely scottsdale's hidden gem.  i might be completely obsessed.

have you any secret stores out there that I can go check out?!  I'm also a big fan of buffalo exchange on Mill Ave, where most of my clothes are purchased.  just bought some alice and olivia pantalones (please excuse my inaccurate spanish) for $15.  best. ever.

*side note: if you can afford to go big, go Nordstrom.  my family has had many-a great experience returning items, even years later, that we weren't satisfied with.  don't go in between if you can.  places like Macy's have a return policy (in our case, for a suit) that could rival that of Last Chance.  


  1. you crack me up remi but i love reading ALL your blogs! you sure know how to write. love it.

  2. So fun. I love your tips! and those shoes are sweet.
    PS.. You have a pet co-sleeper? I can totally picture jazzy in there next to you. ;-) I heart Kid 2 Kid too! I think someone really awesome introduced you to that store. -Lindsey

  3. I want to go!!!!! Those are awesome!