Wednesday, April 13, 2011

something beautiful: free stuff

Parenting magazine sent me a package last week as part of a mom makeover article or something.  inside I found 7 mascaras (2 were exactly the same ones), 6 lipsticks, a dermadoctor sunlight-activated laser lotion, and a rodan-fields anti-age overnight restorative cream.  we were asked to use each product throughout the week and then a survey would follow.  well, seems like now is as good a time as any to start wearing lipstick.  I've been dying for some bright red, but even MAC stayed pretty neutral this go-around.

since some of you might be mascara and/or lipstick shopping, or you might just be like me and are terrified of trying a different brand so you just keep buying the same one you've used since 8th grade, I thought I'd report my findings.

I've only used one of each so far, because who wants to have seven mascaras that are only good for a few weeks, when you could have one open and good for a year???

first up, Mally GINORMOUS mascara, and I couldn't think of a better name for it.  it really is quite humungus.  this one won me over for firsties at "ginormous".  Elf anyone?

good deal: spreads my eyelashes from the corner of my eye by my nose all the way to the last one reaching out almost to my ear.  seriously, this stuff spreads.  I'm sure there is a cosmetic term for this, but you're at the wrong blog for that jargon.

bad deal: gooooo-py.  holy bajoley this stuff is all over the place....just zoom in on that picture!  make sure you've got your moist q-tip in the ready, cuz you're gonna need it.  and it goops on your eyelashes if you're not careful.  I'm the sloppy applier that comes back to clean up afterwards, so this one is a doozy for me.  but MAN that spreadability is somethin!

next, welcome VMV Hypoallergenics lipstick in flamingo. yes, this one also caught me by its name.  I got so excited to open it up and smother my lips in some flamingo!

good deal: holy pink batman!  how fun is this color?!  so playful and sooo 80's.  and it stays on forever. everytime I walked by a mirror I scared myself.  in a good way......?

bad deal: maybe this is the case with all lipsticks, but its not smooth going on.  if you have the slightest dry lip situation, it magnifies it times a billion.  I put on chapstick before and after, and don't worry, it barely even phased the pink.  oh, and it may or may not make your teeth look yellow.  orrrrrrr maybe that's just me.

well, there you have it.  my first report.  tune in next time for L'OREAL enduring berry  and Flirt! All That Lash mascara.

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