Tuesday, April 12, 2011

something delicious: walnut chocolate chip cookies

this is where I feel sorry for all you no-thank-you-i-don't-like-nuts people.  this includes, but is not limited to, my husband and brother.  you're really missing out on the best cookie of your life.  these ones are my sister an my secret recipe.  one day we'll have a bakery......we'd have it tomorrow if i left it all to her.

last friday I was asked to deliver cookies to some of my dad's referring doctors as part of a marketing campaign for my dad's office.  he pulled me into his office and went over EXACTLY what I would be saying (to avert embarrassment).  after a few attempts, he told me that I could announce that I was his daughter.  and that's when how I learned he's proud I'm his daughter.  

we weren't sure how effective the deliveries would be, especially because I got all gussied up, wore my "power suit" marc jacob's pants, and never once saw a doctor.  the very last visit I almost pulled a wild hearts can't be broken (ie something beautiful) and wrapped my feet around the legs of the chair and refuse to leave until I was seen.  but alas, I figured it would be an even less effective marketing technique if I had to be detained by the authorities.  I ended up o for three.  dang.

I walked out of my dad's office shoulders slumped, head hanging down, defeated, and drove the hour home.

I got a phone call from my mom a while later that the fax machine at my dad's office was LIT UP with referrals and paperwork from one doctor that usually takes weeks to hear from.  another doctor called and personally thanked my dad for the cookies.

thank you marc jacobs.  thank you smile and wink.  and thank you walnuts.


  1. Nice work Rem! The packaging looks great! And...they really are the best chocolate chip cookies EVER!!!

  2. NO!!!!!!!!!! Why the walnut? WHY????????????????

    The packaging makes up for it though.