Tuesday, May 10, 2011

so far today

we've watched baby einstein's first signs DVD (the greatest), eaten some whole wheat cinnamon sugar french toast, changed a diaper and have therefore removed asparagus from the beav's diet forevermore, watched our niece and nephew's talent show acts for school a couple weeks ago, and found a scorpion approximately a foot from where I set the beav down while I cooked breakfast.  the last two scorps I found so far this season were dead, but this one was too alive and all too prehistoric looking.  made me want to move to some place too cold for dinosaurlike creepy-crawlers.  Alaska anyone?

we went to st. george this weekend for our friend's ironman triathalon.  ladies. he's single.  He's goofy, loyal, accidentally gave himself a tatoo in middle school, and can {literally} run to your house and back for dinner.  He's now officially an ironman (so only borderline insane). that's pretty much all you need to know, no? 

wanna see the man in action?  okay then, here you are.

I'm not entirely sure I'm allowed to complain, since whilst he was running AND biking AND swimming I was lying on a blanket on the softest, greenest grass.  like, the type of grass you lay on in your dreams. 

we met a family from Australia with the cutest little girl named Pyee-pah (piper), and she just couldn't get enough of the beav.  her dad has run 7 ironman triathalons, and he said this was the hardest one he's ever done. couldn't take the heat.

we drove home that night and I'm not entirely sure how we did it (moment of silence for HP 7 for keeping us awake and alive and on the edge of our seats).
thank you.
not sure how I got into bed either, but I woke up there and could have slept for another twelve hours if the beav wasn't seconds from gnawing his way through his crib.

you'd think I just ran an ironman.


  1. You don't have to go all the way to Alaska...Calgary doesn't get scorpions! ;)

  2. ironman/tinkerbell 5k
    ironman/tinkerbell 5k
    ironman/tinkerbell 5k

  3. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.