Wednesday, May 11, 2011

something beautiful: thread ethic

I went to my very first black tie gala a few months ago, and realized that to find something beautiful with sleeves AND knee to tea length, is nearly impossible without at least six months notice nowadays.  and that's what I wanted.  Thread Ethic is a great resource with the slogan, "brave enough to make strong fashion choices, confident enough not to bare it all", with fashion updates from designer lines that are classy and to quote the slogan, don't "bare it all".  They have items from Marc Jacobs to Monique Lluillier to Rodarte.  I want these and this outfit and this dress.

Today I came across these and fell in love.  if only they weren't a million dollars.  then I would buy them all and keep them at hand for my next big event. (like the the beav's school turkey trot or a high profile derby party)

(and yeah, that's katie holmes' head I cut off.)
(all images via google images)

in other news, the beav whacked me on the wrist with a metal measuring spoon and caused nerve damage, so now when I tap my wrist, an electric shock shoots from my wrist to the tip of my thumb and pointer finger.

BAM!  something funny for your day as well.


  1. That must have been some swing he took at you! He must have Cole's freakish athleticism in his veins.