Tuesday, May 17, 2011

something beautiful: body world

(image via groupon)

I wonder why there aren't ever UFO sightings during the day?

aaaaaand that's how my brain works people.  I stood outside waiting for someone to drop something off at my house, started looking at how the front yard looks right now, then wondered how this new family will change it.  then some birds flew over my head, and I watched them change formation.  and then, naturally, I thought of aliens.  and why they only seem to be seen at night.

and here is yet again, another example of my psychological randomness.  this post was supposed to be about body world, was it not?  so its interesting that body worlds focus was on the brain and its function.

{ahem} back to it then.

groupon had a two-fer for the Body Worlds exhibit in Phoenix last week, so I jumped on the opportunity to have an out-of-the-ordinary date with hubs.  in fact, I was so excited that I didn't pay attention and bought TWO of them.  so happily our friends took the tickets off our hands and we were off to get up close and personal with some real- life cadavers.  some of which took THREE years to form.

as creepy as that may sound, it wasn't creepy at all.

for realsies.

I walked out of there with a better understanding of just how amazing our bodies are.  for example, did you know that at like, 7 weeks, your baby is pretty much unidentifiable except for two perfect white hands and ten perfect little fingers????  it had a section with the fetal development and it was amazing.  somber, but really and truly amazing.  our bodies are miracles, I'm convinced of it.

I saw a coal miner's lungs (they were iridescent gray, just like coal, and looked like a big river rock), lungs with cancer, the brain of someone with Alzheimers,  a rooster made of only blood vessels, and I had my face an inch from the bellybutton of a man trying to figure out what exactly its connected to in there.

I'm telling you it was unreal.  amazing.  and absolutely a beautiful moment.

its only here in Phoenix until the end of this month so hurry!  and for those of you that have seen it, I'm totally interested in what you thought?  creepy or beautiful?


  1. STILL haven't figured out what a belly button connects to.

    And you don't see UFOs during the day because they are actually flares. Or that's what the government WANTS you to believe. This post just got me on some kind of conspiracy watch list.

  2. Do they have the horse this time around?

  3. no horse linds. but you know it would have gone up at least SEVEN spaces on my cool list had it been there.

  4. ahh, I LOVE Body Worlds. So amazing.