Wednesday, May 18, 2011

something delicious: fruit festivals

that's right, this weekend is the last weekend for the Peach Festival and you all have to come!  In fact, come with hubs, beav, and me!  

My house, Saturday.  7AM.  be here.  and be prepared for lots of peach picking and orange peach juice running down your face and shorts and/or sundresses and a peach pancake breakfast!  

I'm telling you this now so all you out-of-towners can hurry and pack up your station wagon and road trip it right out here.  like today.  like right now.  

you won't want to miss this.

and just get in the mindset of peach jams, peach cobbler, peach salsas, and peach crepes, okay?  cause its coming to something delicious very, very soon.

I just drooled on the keyboard. true story.

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  1. this is so stalkerish. don't get scared. so i just logged on to the nicole's classes to see if i could still see the feedback she left on some of my photos and noticed that you left me a couple of questions that i didn't see until now. i'd love to answer them, but don't really want to in the comments section of your blog, mainly because they probably wouldn't make any sense :) just email me and i'll email you back-

    P.S. i so wish we still lived in AZ right now-i really want to go to the peach festival!!

    Beth-from the Kids and Baby class.