Thursday, May 26, 2011

something funny: horse girl

my biggest crush in elementary school was travis rogerson (name changed, but barely).  fortunately for me, travis wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and I sat next to him in math class.  I would help him with his homework, and I admit, let him sneak a peak at my answers a time or two.  because I loved him (I also loved my boyfriend in 4th grade, Anthony, who I wrote a eulogy in my secret garden diary about because during the summer he up and moved to California without telling me.  I even put lipstick on and kissed the page in hopes my mourning would bring him back.  i also may have saved a water balloon he threw at my face)

back to travis.

I loved him.  and even though he rarely spoke to me outside math class, i knew he loved me too.  and yet, he moved away from me as they always did {sigh}.

years later I was hanging out with a friend and stumbled upon my dear travis.  when I found the words to speak, I talked cooly, so he wouldn't know I was starstruck.  I said, you remember me...right? {wink, wink}

he paused, bewildered.  then, recognition slowly crossed his face.  Yes!  he said.  HORSE GIRL, right?

{blink...... blink......}

excuse me, what?

yeah, yeah, the girl i sat next to that was OB-sessed with like, drew them and wrote stories about them and poems and songs and wore cowboy boots and.....

oh yes, he went on.  and on.  and on.

I think I interrupted him or else he still would have been going until this moment, even as I type.

okay okay.  honesty's the best policy, right?

confession:  I had a major obsession with horses.  why wouldn't i?  I had one whole side of my family with ranches and horses and cows and the whole kaboodle.  Each birthday I would BEG for and receive  a bridle, halter, saddle, saddle blanket, cowboy boots, spurs, brush, and currycomb.

but no, no horse.  not one.  does that really make me the nameless nerd he remembered???

and if you MUST know, I still have every. single. piece of equipment for the horse I will someday own. hubs promised.  that's why i married him.

but I don't clean it (the saddle) and ride on it anymore.

if only travis could see me now.........

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  1. I had a MAAAjor crush on a boy and I think he would have some goofy name for me, too - but what does he know - he's bald and a bit chubby now :) Thanks for the giggles!