Tuesday, June 14, 2011

well hello there.

remember me?  I'm the girl who dropped off the face of the earth about two weeks ago.

but alas, after a move, a 13 mile trek, and Lake Powell, I'm here with more great funny, delicious, and beautiful somethings.  I thought about you a lot this past week as I ate meals and decided which one I would share with you next.   

barbecue chicken apple sausage pizza with goat cheese.  mmmmm.

I've decided to start up yoga on paddleboards.  If you can do triangle pose on a paddle board, you can do it anywhere.  although I came home and tried to a headstand and felt like I was rolling in the water again.  I imagined thousands of people in a bay, boards facing every which way, each moving through a choreographed vinyasa.  and there is your something beautiful.  you're welcome.  

the beav has a reputation for being a rough traveler.  and apparently word travels fast on the lake because our friends threw us in their limousine and flew us (me, my sister, and our babies) in their private jet home.  It took us about 30 minutes.  and they said they liked their new plane, but it was a little slow.  I smiled and then called hubs. they hadn't even left the dock yet.  so here he is, the beav, barely one year old and has already been in a limo and a private jet.  life pretty much goes downhill from there, huh? 

in other news, I somehow got a huge zit on the back of my head, like, under my hair, and it hurts like the dickens.  at least I hope its a zit, because it not, I've got some seriously painful mass that needs to die a painful death.

and there is your something disgusting for the day.

goodnight friends.

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