Wednesday, June 15, 2011

something beautiful: jubilee jane

I have great friends.  both great AND talented.  remember this project, wherein I referenced a crafty friend with freakish creative abilities?  well it just so happens she just started her new business making "hand made hair clips, headbands and brooches for newborns, children and adults".  seriously, you should see what this girl can do with felt.

you want to?  okay then!

i had the pleasure of photographing her new product, and wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.  you can check her out on facebook here.  seriously guys, she's unreal.

the birdcage netting absolutely kills me.  it's just too much.  can't wait to have a little girl to decorate with  such adorable adornments!  

when I was little it was all about lace.  lots and lots of lace.  now its all about netting and felt, and  you heard it first from me.  

and lucky for you, she's got bajillions more where that came from.  for those of you who were patient enough to get this far in the post before hightailing to her facebook page, you win a patience prize.  and now I'm done bragging about my freakishly talented friends, so you can click here to check out more of her mad skills.  

AND, it gets better.  oh yes.  she wants to give you one of her beauties in celebration of her new etsy shop!  so stay tuned for a jubilee jane giveaway soon to come!

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  1. they are so cute! i am also amazed at your freakishly good photography skills. seriously? you've only had an SLR for like a month, right? sheesh. come teach me.