Wednesday, June 15, 2011

see, here's the thing about money

I hate spending it.  I've been known to not shop at all for months and then feel like I wear the same thing and then go out and splurge (meaning $300 or so) and then keep it all in the package, try it on one last time, and then feel so guilty that I take it all back.  In Mesa I lived right next to Anthropologie.  yeah, they loved me.  and I hate clicking the "complete purchase" button at the bottom of the checkout page.  so much so, that I'd say 90% of the time I don't.  but I leave the page up on the computer, just in case.  and then, after two weeks hubs will use that page to check ESPN and its gone.  and 99% of the time I'm happy about it.  but today my hand has been hovering over that little button for a while.  a long while.

food is another story.  I will spend hundreds of dollars on food because I care what goes into my body.  Not hundreds in one stop, mind you, but if it meant quality food going into my body so I can live a long and healthy life (or just maybe reverse the damage I caused it previously), then I say go for it.  Only the best chocolate for this girl.

but with clothes, everything gets outdated so fast and I'd rather pay $50 for a shirt I can wear for 20 years than an $8 shirt I can wear for one month.

aaaand we're back to today's predicament.  emersonmade makes my heart pitter-patter.  I love this woman and her creations.  and her farmhouse, but I'll save that for another day.  these shorts are only online.  and  I already hovered too long before and when I finally bit the bullet, they were sold out.  I emailed and BEGGED for her to bring them back for me, and she did (excellent customer service, no?).  but now I'm hovering again.  and already half of the sizes are sold out.

SO WHAT DO I DO????  If I hover any longer I know I'll miss my shot.  but the thrifter inside of me (I just bought three shirts, a hat, and a pair of shorts from Buffalo Exchange two weeks ago for $60) screams at me to wait for a discount code.  but what if they're gone by then?  and I would wear these EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. of summer.  scratch that, every day of my life.  Oh the injustice!

What ever shall I do??  please, for the love of Pete, talk some sense into me.

on a completely unrelated note, this is what happens when you braid your wet hair before you go to bed in anticipation for long flowing wavy locks in the morning.  fail. just lots and lots of frizz over here.

and for those of you dying to find yourself in my same predicament, go here to check out more emersonmade.  I DARE you not to fall in love with something.

now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go jump in a pool to calm this mane down a bit.


  1. I have a rule. If I keep thinking about something a week after I first saw it, then it's worth buying (well, assuming that it's not a bazillion dollars or something). Most of the time I forget about it. So I say buy them!

  2. First off, I loooove Emersonmade and fully plan on naming my next female child Emerson. Next, I agree with the comment above %110. And finally, what is the cost/wear? I always divide the items cost by how much I will use it. So, if you plan on wearing these 3-4 days a week all summer (and summer in AZ is like 10.5 months), I think it's a smokin' deal! DO. IT.

  3. um- I love your blog- you are hilarious. And those short are way worth the 88$- bite the bullet.

  4. girls, here I am, quite a few hours later, thanking you and concluding....

    consider it......(click)done.

    now the question is, will I return them when/if the guilt sets in? :)

  5. So Remi, first off, I feel like it's fate (you're my fate magnet, by the way). I discover Emersonmade for the very first time LITERALLY 10 minutes before I read this post of yours. And the first thing I did when I saw the striped handbag was fall in love. The second thing I did was shiz my pants over how much they want for it. The third thing I did was think, I bet Remi could totally make this. So I headed straight to your blog to tell you this, and of course you have the picture up of the bag I was going to provide you a link for! I've seen your cute wallets! Please make and sell me a knockoff!!!!! I like, need it! :)

  6. did you buy them?!?! i am having the exact same debate. although it's the shorts AND the jeans. ugh. $175 for jeans. but i need them. the shorts i want so bad but do you think they are long enough? please take pictures when you get them.