Saturday, June 25, 2011

still here

Hubs' family had one big summer event this year: the family reunion in Utah.  we were in charge of coming up with 5 Minute to Win It games and help set up my mother-in-laws party decor and help her carry out her months of hard work and planning.  I kept envisioning his family playing our games and his grandpa bobbing his head up and down while we watched the pedometer strapped to him like a headband.  we were going to stay with his sister and I bought her treats from Trader Joes because she loves Trader Joes.  and I planned a surprise for hubs for our anniversary.  

our flight left last night at 9PM.  we weren't on it.  

and it was 99% my fault.

the reason it was such a late flight was because it was significantly cheaper, but it was also the 1% not-my-fault part.  hubs was also prepared enough to get the 14 day advanced purchase and got a deal, so to change our flight it would cost us $400.  

which means I'm sitting in our Arizona hotter-than-hades condo, in between bouts of crying, trying to figure out how I'm going to apologize to his family.  preferably without sobbing.  

as a distraction I'm looking at the cute little church girls I photographed for my sister's mommy/daughter activity day.  I recommend looking at these when you're having a bad day {weekend}.  how beautiful are they?

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