Monday, June 27, 2011

I just laughed out loud.

I really did just laugh to myself at this man so glamorously walking down that catwalk in his booty shorts and turtleneck.  reality is he's either very hot up top right now, or very cold down south.
coming, of course, from someone who just went grocery shopping in 115 degree temps in a knitted headband and sweater.  Jeesh!
(if you're dying for more, I found it here)
and isn't it strange that even fashion tells us that we must constantly be evolving our wardrobe, that what we have is soooo last season (or month, whatev).  that what we have isn't good enough anymore?  this is why I don't believe in fashion faux pas.

more on that tomorrow.  because I know you're on the edge of your seats now.

but just for kicks, take another looksy at the fashionista man.  speedo's are coming back soon peeps, mark my words.  or maybe they're already back and I missed the memo?  highly likely.