Saturday, August 27, 2011

something beautiful: me.

psyche!  this isn't me.  it's my sister.  and yes, she's smokin' hot.
when we were little everyone always said she looked just like mk&a (serious props to those of you cool enough to know EXACTLY who I'm talking about without clicking)
I used to think she was a pest.
I think its because I was jealous I didn't look like I could solve any crime by dinner time.
when we were in college she conducted an experiment wherein she joined the likes of Blossom, complete with giant sunflower straw hats and socks with floppy animal ears to see if everyone would treat her the same.
I think that's when she discovered her love for fashion and/or design because that experiment KILLED her.
now she's in Northern California livin' it up in the most beautiful place I've ever been.
this picture was taken 4 months after she had her second little boy.
she makes a stand for what she believes in,
and she's passionate.
so passionate that sometimes she could be considered stubborn.

Now she's an interior designer with an eye like NOTHING I've ever seen before.  She's absolutely, positively gifted. you know, like bobby fischer was at playing chess? but at design.  
she's got that eye.
she's strong.
and she's stunningly beautiful.

and so she inspired me.

I'm starting..... 
(drum roll please)
a new blog series!


therealityis: i'm beautiful
or maybe I'll stick with
something beautiful: me.
what say ye?

I'll pretty much do what I just did.  spotlight a beautiful person, take a picture of them, and tell you what makes them imperfectly real and perfectly beautiful.

and I couldn't be more psyched about it.


  1. I think this is a GREAT idea Remi!!! Im excited for the series

  2. Sounds fun! Whit is beautiful!

  3. Boy is that a great shot. I mean... all shots of Whit are great, but that one is pretty boom.

  4. I vote for "something beautiful: me." I love your project Rem. and you.

  5. Whitney is absolutely beautiful!