Thursday, August 25, 2011

reality is: it's hot. dang hot.

It's been a rough week this week as the temperatures climb the charts at 116.  It's really rough when its 7PM and its still 110 outside.  pretty much on house arrest until the fall.

so when the sun is covered by clouds for a while, we go crazy in this house....or rather, outside of this house.  It's amazing how much better it feels when the sun isn't beating directly down on you.  So the beav and I hopped on our bike and went for a much needed outdoor adventure.  normally the playground is off limits until the end of October because if you touch the sand, or stairs, or slide, you get third degree burns, but today those blessed clouds were our ticket to hit it!

we could have been out there for hours if we would have brought snacks.

tomorrow is supposed to bring intermittent storms.  bring it on.  we've got at least five playgrounds in the community and we're packing a lunch.

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