Friday, September 16, 2011

miracles and home makeovers

last week we sent off our youngest brother to college.  thank heaven for facebook and for girls that post a zillion pictures of every cute boy they come in contact with, otherwise we'd think he'd fallen off the face of the earth.

i loved college.  I especially loved college in idaho, which I never in a million years would have thought I would love.  i think one of the main reasons i loved college so much was because of the constant experiment of cramming 6 completely different girls from completely different backgrounds into small quarters and watching to see what happened.  my roommates thought I was nuts and sometimes called me Buddy the Elf.

one of my favorite habits from college was writing down three miracles that happened each day, no matter how small.  no matter what kind of day I had, I realized every day that miracles were happening all around me, and more specifically, and most importantly, FOR me.  i was a grateful goose those days, and man did it affect the daughter/friend/student/sister I was!

so a few days ago i longed for that attitude, for that gratitude, and my first miracle was that I remembered that habit I loved so and that I had stopped doing it.  it's pretty simple, my list.  but it most definitely changes everything.  

Today's miracles: (yesterday)
  •  little man said please.  It was actually pah-leesh. you see, my son talks like sean connery.  but i'm almost positive it wasn't accidental.  
  • the three of us went on a bike ride and I brought my camera to capture this weekday rarity.  even though rain was immanent I got all my pictures in and camera safely stowed before the first raindrop!
  • the library!  this is embarrassing to admit, but after years of hearing how amazing the public library is from my sisters and always wanting to make it a tradition ourselves, we finally did it!  little man loved that he could open every kitchen cabinet and turn on all the faucets in the toy kitchen without me telling him not to.  standing atop the leggo table was also an instant hit.  thank you library, for making my little boy so happy.  and for saving my sanity today.

also: my sister was featured on Design Mom today!  this is big.  huge.  and their post today on what to do when two people try to mesh their styles together to create the perfect space is an absolute dream.  check it out here.

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