Wednesday, September 21, 2011

reality is: i'm beautiful.

still haven't decided on a name for this series yet.
so we'll switch back and forth until we decide.
me, that is.
unless of course you have an opinion you'd like to share with the class?
(but in a good way, not like the way your teacher made you tell your secrets out loud)

okay, but for reals, here she is.  the beautiful, the talented, the swimmer that just shaved a minute off of her time, the absolutely stunning.

seriously though, can you even handle that smile?  those eyes?  that beauty?  it's ridiculous, really.  and its also the reason I asked her if she'd be part of this series.

Sabrina is a senior and swimming her little heart out right now on the swim team for her school. photographing beauty has never been so easy.

I thought at first I would get to know them, or have people nominate who would be next on the series (which may still happen), but I thought it would be more meaningful, more REAL, for the beauties that I photograph to discover for themselves what makes them beautiful.  wouldn't that change so much about how we feel about ourselves?  if we just spent some time each day thinking about what makes us beautiful?

so without further ado, meet the wonderful Sabrina.

well.... What I love about myself is that Im positive and love to smile. I have learned that the more you smile the more you can shine and help others day by just smiling at them. I laugh at anything at any moment (my friends make fun, but I know thats why they love me) and I just love that Im happy! It took a long time to figure out how much of a beautiful person I am, and everyone who is around me. Heavenly Father - I believe - helped a lot and because of Him I am this person today... trials and hardship he gave unto me because I know he loves me, and because of that Im beautiful. 

What makes me REAL is that Im responsible (I know... borriinnnggg) but I am totally mature - 60% of the time... gotta leave some room for sooommmeee immaturity! Also, I know whats around me, my surrounds are always in my peripheral. Im not naive... my spirit has grown so much in these last 5 years, and I know that with these experiences Im supposed to help others; thats why I want to be a nurse but its also what makes me an easy-going friend. 
MY WEAKNESSES!!!!! Im quite emotional haha but seriously... I am the world worst direction giver ever! No one listens to me anymore because of it. I have had tooo many incidents where I have given the wrong directions but swear up and down that they are right. So now when I tell someone to go left, they will go right. 
Blonde Moments aka Sabrina Moments as my friends might say!
To explain further.... On day in history class we were watching a video of the settlers here in America. On the screen it says, "10,000 bison roam free," and they show the image of these animals running across the plains. I lean over to my friend, Trenton, and ask, "They're extinct... right?" He gives me the weirdest look and answers back, "No, buffalo still exist." My smart little self tells him they arent talking about buffalo... He just laughs and says "Ohhhh Sabrina". 

Now that Im in swim... When I get home I mostly sleep or finish up with homework or even read a book. But I love to draw and hair and stuff (girlie things haha) Im just a multi-colorful person inside and out!

thank you sabrina!

this is seriously the best.


  1. So fun to get to know you better Sabrina! you are so beautiful!

    Actually, you and your friend from history are sort of both right. The American Bison nearly went extinct in the 19th century due to commercial hunting and slaughter. It is also known as the American Buffalo. They don't roam in herds of 100,000 anymore... the largest herd is about 1,500 and there are only about 15,000 pure buffalo anymore (they now crossbreed them to make other meats for consumption).
    Many of your "blonde" moments are probably based on stuff you really know, so be confident in yourself! :-)

  2. She truly is not only a beautiful young woman, but also a beautiful spirit. She is a great example not only to her younger sister and baby brother, but also to her family. She has triumphed over many challenges and obstacles these past five years and is an inspiration to many of those around her. She is a natural beauty and has an amazing laugh that reverberates throughout the house...When I hear it, I find I'm giggling myself. I love you BeaNie. aLWaYs n FoReVeR =.)

  3. This is an AWESOME idea. I LOVE THIS YOUNG WOMEN!!! She is so beautiful inside and out. She is strong, smart, loving, sensitive and so so so much more. Any one that has has Sabrina in there lives is very lucky and blessed. She has so much love to give and deserves ten times more in return. She has a drive that will see her to a very successful future. I know she will be a wonderful mother and wife. I have been so blessed to know her. Love you Miss Sabrina. Love Sis Tieman :)