Thursday, March 24, 2011

something delicious: dark chocolate covered peppermint candy cane joe joe's

quite a mouthful, eh?
a DELICIOUS mouthful of goodness, that is.

soooooo maybe every year I know TJ's WILL run out of these by Christmas.  and for some reason, this sends me into a panic. Like if I don't buy every single box on the shelf I'll die.  so I buy 50 packages, threaten my husbands life if he eats any, and SOMETIMES, when I'm feeling generous, I'll let a close friend watch me eat one. okayokayokay not really, but almost.  

turns out this is an unhealthy habit. research has shown that people overeat when they are afraid they won't be able to have it again.  I still remember that box of Oh's cereal my mom would buy at the grocery store on Friday night.  with six kids, that cereal lasted as long as it took for the first one to wake up on Saturday and eat 7 bowls.

to resolve the cookie issue, my sister and I decided to duplicate them.  amd boo yeah, its cheaper.  I mean like 15 cents cheaper, per box.  cha-CHING! and, if you want a personal opinion, ours are  way more tasty.

so, I can rest easy now.  I make them whenever I want. 

made these last night.  just grabbed some trader joe's candy cane joe joe's and a bar of TJ's dark chocolate pound plus, melted it down, and stirred each cookie in individually  until it was loaded to my liking. let it sit overnight on foil or parchment.  don't refrigerate to make it harden faster.  lesson learned the hard way over here.
and boy oh boy is it to my liking.  thank you, something delicious, for this yummy moment.


  1. Oh Em Gosh, I loved Oh's cereal. My mom bought them all the time.

  2. I ALWAYS have a box of JoeJoe's hidden in my pantry so when the kids go to bed and Pete isn't home yet... ahhh, two do the trick! (shhh, don't tell Pete!)

  3. UM...Lili and I are sitting here drooling over those Joe Joe's. And since there is no Trader Joe's within 1000 miles of us, would you be willing to dip us some Joe Joe's then put them in the mail and send them up please? Pretty Please?

    Or, just have some on hand for the next time we see you!