Thursday, March 24, 2011

something fun(ny): bandwagon jumping

teach me how to jimmer teach-me-teach-me how to jimmer!
oh heck YES-SIR-EE we sure did.
we jumped straight on the jimmer bandwagon and we're not even embarrassed about it.  I've always been a cougar, through and through.  my husband on the other hand, has a beef with BYU that he hasn't admitted to and quite frankly, it's unhealthy.  we're working through it.
but we both love us some jimmer.
and there you have it.  spice up your hubsy time with a little jimmer.


the beav's been learning how to jimmer all morning.  taking a quick snack break so he can get back to it.
jimmer miss a three?  fredette about it!

okay snack break over.  back to work.
if you haven't had the pleasure of making an acquaintance with mr. fredette (um, me, five seconds ago), click here.  oh yes, he has his own wikipedia page.  and click here for something extra special.  true or false: the guy with the goatee is forty years old.
for those of you that ONLY clicked on this post because you thought you'd find something funny and are finishing up disappointed, here's one for you.  maybe its in bad taste.  but man oh man did I laugh hard when it popped up in my inbox.  
the only thing that can keep jimmer from scoring is the byu honor code.
HA!  get it?!  five bucks to the best jimmer joke!


  1. So bummed that Florida didn't get Jimmer'd tonight. Talk about having an off game! Still love the Jimmer though.

  2. Favorite lines from the clip include:
    "Chuck Norris even has a Jimmer poster."
    "Even Superman sleeps in a Jimmer jersey"
    "Boy is the truth! How do you know? Cuz Nelly said it! Oh."

  3. You know, the BYU beef thing is apparent in Mr. Dave as well. It is certainly to the unhealthy point; but he did get quite defensive of Jimmer the other night so maybe that boy is working his magic on him too! :)

  4. Noah brought them two by two, Jimmer brings them three by three.