Tuesday, March 29, 2011

something funny: walmart

Did you think I've been mourning the cougs loss for the last few days?  wrong.  I'm totally over Jimmer Fre---whatever his name is (because that's how fickle us bandwagon jumpers are) until he finds himself a spot on the Utah Jazz or Phoenix Suns.  Where I will continue to ignore him until they start winning at which time I will be jumping full force again.

on to better things. like walmart.

I'm 92% sure I saw AJ.  You know, from the B-street Boys?  except i don't remember him having flame tattoos up his left arm.  I think they were flames.  I did not prefer them, whatever they were.

I went to get some produce, grabbed a cantaloupe, and promptly put it back and briskly walked away from the produce as a woman with a hacking cough spewed all over my melon.  The fruit melon, not my head melon that is.

otherwise I think I would die.

I used the self checkout.  that is ALWAYS funny. {please place your item in the bagging area.....please place your item in the bagging area.....please stop placing the same item in the bagging area......please wait for attendant.}  you have to hand it to mr. walton, he made him some polite obnoxious machines.

the beav has taken to pelvic thrusting when he's confined.  so, while I have him in my moby, strapped across my middle, he's grunting and trying break free as people give me the eye.  I try to pretend I don't even notice.

HEY!  remember this?

perception: you could NEVER make that.

reality: you have a very talented friend.  and this is right up her alley, so she teaches you how.  and in turn, you teach the seven people who read your blog.

but we modified it.  here's a little teaser for you, since we still have some finishing touches to make tonight.  and then guess what folks?  tomorrow, I'm going to show you how we made it.

and then I'm going to give it to you. 

you have one in seven chances of winning (that's pretty dang good)

see you tomorrow!


  1. AJ was my least favorite backstreet boy (hello kevin) but this is exciting nonetheless! and i am really looking forward to winning that remimade delight! if i had a whole lot of money, forget versace, i would wear emersonmade. truly.

  2. I seriously need to stop reading your blog at work because I get really weird looks when I have these bursts of laughter. I would have put the melon back too. Gross. And I have learned not to do the self checkout when I have produce because that makes it even more fun!

  3. Remi, in addition to your thoughtful and insightful comments on this bog - my most favorite thing about it is your ability to write EXACTLY the way you talk. So as I sit here reading your blog, I truly feel like I'm talking to you! It's so fun! Although it does make me sad because I wish I was really hearing you tell the story! You better believe I'll be all over the giveaway.
    P.S. remimade is a really cute name for a boutique!
    P.P.S. How does an AZ Lundeen Easter sound? =)