Monday, April 11, 2011

two in one

something funny: 
telling the hubs this morning that he needed to take a day off so we could have a day, just the two of us.  his response: "yes! imagine the hundreds of episodes of icarly we could watch....."  I don't really like this show, so this comment was one hundred percent hubs.

reason number 3,462,894 why he's my soul mate.

oh! I've got another one.  the beav has taken to fake laughing and its pretty much the best thing ever.

something delicious: 
reheated soggy trader joe's tempura chicken with sweet and sour sauce.

no joke guys, this stuff when fresh and crisp is thebombdotcom, but after eating organic pop tarts and stolen cashew nuts for 24 hours in a hospital room, these were better than a good ol' fashion make out.  go try them.  tell them reality is sent you.  and then come back and tell me what they say after they raise their eyebrows and stare at you.

1 comment:

  1. You forgot about the applesauce pouches. You had those too. Or wait, did I end up eating all of your applesauce pouches? I feel bad. :(