Friday, April 29, 2011

a wish so quickly granted

the hubs took the beav to a father and sons camping trip tonight, which leaves me with more alone time than I've had for approximately a year.

I decided to spend it working on the clutch I promised to give away to one of you, and quickly realized I was trying to follow 8 different tutorials all at the same time and that I was in deeper than I thought.  so I drove home and resolved to ask my dear neighbor for help tomorrow.  I got home and plopped down at the computer trying to find these somewhere online for a heck of a lot cheaper.  and next I'll watch three episodes of the cosby show and smile the whole way through each one.  then I'll wake up tomorrow, bright and early, and go to yoga, and stay there as long as I want, first practicing, then learning from other teachers.

well, that is, I'll stay until I realize that my boys are on their way home, and then I'll throw my mat back in my car and drive my sweaty self home and get home just in time to give them the biggest smooches of their lives.  then I'll go buy turkey burgers for the grill.  then I'll swing off the rope swing into the water {intentionally this time}, watch the beav splash around in the water with one hand whilst the other is clinging to his dads (bulging) bicep for dear life.  then we'll clean up, say goodbye to my brother-in-law and then, after all slows down, we all take nice long naps, and I mentally prepare myself for my BEAST of a sunday school class MAYBE, just maybe, I'll shower.

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