Tuesday, May 3, 2011

something funny: the cosby show

two questions for ya.

on a friend's blog post the other day, I was asked if I would rather be Kate Middleton hyphen Mountbatten hyphen Windsor or Jane Eyre.  so I think its important to first talk about Kate's dress by pausing for a moment to look at my dream wedding dress. that queen anne neckline could bring someone out of cardiac arrest. 

also concerning kate, i must admit I didn't even know about the nuptials until my facebook was overcome with tweets and posts about it.  then again, i prefer to get my news updates from my newsfeed or hubs.  tornados, bin laden, two new pigs purchased on farmville....all are realized via newsfeed.  perhaps, say you, I live under a rock.

as a side note, when I was looking for images of my dress, I found this.  

perception: maybe they added the spider to emphasize the purple kale hair piece?  

reality:  weird.  just very, very weird.  

I am not a faux pas person, but this over the top.  i didn't take the time to read what the website was, but maybe this is an ad for bejeweled toy spider collectibles, and then it wouldn't be weird at all.  

I digress. back to the choice.....kate or jane?  I vote skip the endless paparazzi and horrendous childhood and move in with the cosby's.  Trade thornfield for New York, William for Cliff, paparazzi for family role plays and lip syncs, walks down the lane for garden squash competitions, snake catching, Shakespearian raps, and bucking broncos.  Last year my family had a Dan in Real Life themed Christmas.  I say Cosby Christmas 2012.

what say ye?

Let the record show that I fully plan on finishing all 8 seasons of said sitcom by the end of the month.  If I don't answer my phone or emails, you'll understand.  perhaps I need to watch a smidgeon (spelled like pigeon, no?) less cosby and a smidgeon more channel five?  


also, look what I finished.
want it? 

more on this tomorrow.


  1. does that little gem have a
    "I BELONG TO" tag
    with the name
    handwritten underneath it?

  2. remi, that looks AMAZING!!! i can't wait until i win it so i can see how great it looks in real life!

  3. I've been waiting for this post!!! I love the clutch :) It is BEAUTIFUL I'm a military wife and you should make a Red White and Blue one for July that would be ADORABLE!

  4. Remi, we are meant to be long lost bf's... I own the first 4 seasons of the Cosby show and pretty much take tips on parenting from the show on a VERY regular basis:
    dead gold fish = black tie event
    ungrateful children = no furniture in their bedroom
    memorable anniversary = children lip-singing
    tough day for a kid = giant cardboard box

    LOVE IT!