Thursday, May 5, 2011

something funny: no giveaway.....


right?  hehhh? hehhh?.......okay, so don't kill me.  I decided that I'm not going to give that clutch away.  YET.  the truth is I want to make it better.  I've compared it a zillion times to the amazing emersonmade, and I'm just not satisfied (go figure.).

so I'm making another one, new an improved.  but with this fabric this time.
and I promise I'll finish it soon.  so i can give it to you.

i was thinking today how much i miss being silly.  i used to wear ski goggles to class when it was snowing outside, have pajama party movie premieres where we waited in line all night long, dressed up in 80's garb and ransacked boys' apartments, pretended there was hot lava in our apartment (yes, this was college peeps) and played tag as we hopped from couch cushion to pillow to sweatshirt on the floor, wore sunglasses to school dances and surrounding the most awkward boy there to have a group awkward dance off.  what happened to those days?  i can still do that stuff even though i'm married and i'm a mom, right?  there isn't like a book somewhere that states that once you're a grown up you have to act like one is there?

good.  because i'm planning something.  and you're gonna love it.  because college me is making a comeback tour and its going to be wild.  what will it be?  sneaking onto an elephant's back at the zoo?  making my own "Friday" music video complete with school buses, a white rapper, and a convertible full of 14 year olds in braces? or will it be dressing up and waiting in line for the Harry Potter movie, annoying other line-goers by insisting they react when we cast spells on them ALL. NIGHT. LONG?

what do you think?  

can this make up for the false giveaway?  i'll make it worth it, promise. just please don't get me thrown into jail......


  1. I've got the perfect Gryffindor scarf for the HP7.2 premier. I'm so there.

  2. Kids will be left at home, and husbands will be invited on condition of the coolness of their costumes.

  3. Can you at least wait until I come back to Phoenix? I think it will be pretty soon! Remember the "dance, dance" pillow?

  4. Two shockers-

    1) i have not seen one HP movie. I have not read one book. So I will be the designated driver.

    2). I had a dream two nights ago I was registering for classes at ricks. My roommate was from Guatemala. And I distinctly remember saying to her I have a husband back home. Do you think my college self is demanding a rematch?

    I thought it was just because i was taking my laurels to breakfast the next morning.... But now i see the bigger plan. The stars are aligning me with your something big college tour. I'm in.

    Happy mothers day!