Thursday, July 28, 2011

you gotta gypsy soul to blame

the map of our lives together so far.  our goal is to live in every city in the Phoenix metro area by 2015.  


we've been lucky enough to move in with my in-laws (this is not sarcasm, they really are the best ever) until we find a house.  we've been looking for quite some time, but the market for non-cash buys isn't what its cracked up to be and with the places we've found, we have yet to feel like any place is the right place.  Sooooo we figure we're either looking in the wrong areas, or its the wrong time.  we even began branching out and considering (GULP).....Gilbert.  There, I said it.  and now I shudder.

People that live in that city LOVE that city and gulp every time they hear of any city west of Chandler, but for two people who's families live approximately an hour and fifteen minutes away, we might as well live in California.

Kidding again.  my family would come visit me WAYYY more often if I lived in California.

Texas.  We might as well move to Texas.


  1. Hey Remi-
    We just bought a house yesterday in Morrison Ranch in Gilbert and could not be more excited. We live just a mile south of it now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. San Tan is sooo close. My family still comes to visit. Just do it!

  2. Oh Gilbert. When we were looking, the neighborhoods we drove through had loads of kids and parents all out playing in the common areas after church on Sunday... It looked so ideal. And then we ended up buying in a 55+ neighborhood. ??? So what I'm saying is, if it feels right, it will be, no matter where it is.

  3. HEY now! I live in Gilbert and my parents live 4 hours away, they still in-laws live 5 miles down the road and I can count on ONE hand how many times they've been to my house! You'll find the perfect house...and then make it yours! Good Luck!