Wednesday, August 3, 2011

one of my favorite quotes

the beav gets exponentially more cute every day.  

I'm now one of those moms that says, "Oh my gosh can you even HANDLE how adorable he is!?!?" as I nuzzle him right above his diaper on his back just to get him to give a little squeal, and don't notice that he's drawing on my in-laws marriage certificate as everyone else looks on in horror.

but seriously, I can't even handle how cute he is.  and how much fun it is to snuggle with him and watch baby einstein in our pajamas.  and watch him mow the carpet.  and talk on the phone.  and say
 "TAT-SH!" when he throws the ball (which he could do before he could even crawl).

and more and more I'll realize that I haven't showered in a couple days and hurry and hop in so I don't miss anything.  and I forget to brush my teeth.  and I remember as hubs walks in the door that I should probably take care of that.  and then I look at myself in the mirror for the first time since I got ready and realize I have boogers and/or bananas and squash on my shirt and smeared across my right eyebrow.

but most the time I still shower while he naps and put on some lipstick so the hubs can't help but kiss me when he walks in the front door.  it's like those hallmark magnet kissing bears.  he just can't help himself.

then the beav walks in, give his a quick smile, then nonchalantly turns around and squeals to cue that chasing time is long past due.  

and the lipstick magic magnet dissipates and I watch as hubs tackles him and he giggles until he can't breathe.

I think 15 months is my favorite age thus far.

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