Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the golden years

you know, between house shopping, family partying, and diy projects galore, it seems there is little time for blogging.  please forgive. one of three of those I would rather be blogging than doing.  I'll let you guess.

since I have this big house to myself all day, I've had a lot of quiet time to think (what?  you're not cleaning your in laws house all day to show them appreciation for letting you mess it up for free?)

no, my friends.  the answer is no.  don't judge me.

FINE!  I'll do it when I finish here.  yeesh.  the guilt trip you play on me is torment.

during said non-productive thinking time i've been contemplating life's journey.  It seems like we're always waiting for the next phase of life.  we're little girls wanting to be mommys, or teachers, we're little kids waiting to sit at the 'big kids' table, we're high schoolers waiting to move out and go to college, we're single and waiting to get married, we're married and waiting to have kids, and we have kids and we're waiting to be empty nesters so we can retire and travel the world, leave the house whenever we want, get discounts at movies and restaurants.


in college I had desires to join the medieval club so I could meet people that socialized in different circles than mine.  i also had a goal to try out for a school musical to face my biggest fear (acting in front of people.  yes, strange.  it started with my theatre class in High School and the trauma was serious)

I never did any of these things.  you know why?  because I didn't seize the day.  I sat back and waited too long and my moment to shine on broadway or alongside Selena Gomez is over.  But something snapped this weekend.  I was NOT going to keep wishing and waiting and hoping and not doing for ONE. MORE. SECOND.  I decided I'm not waiting for retirement to come find me!  I'm living it up RIGHT NOW.

so I started mall walking.  and believe you me your pride takes some serious hits when you get shin splints because you refuse to let the old men pass you by.  and then they do anyway.

feel free to come join me.  I'll be the only one with a stroller.  Or without a pacemaker.
me being totally creepy and taking pictures with my phone of cute old couples who mall walk holding hands while refusing to stop walking long enough so it won't be blurry because that old lady will pass me.  

just gotta get hubs here now.


  1. LOL, seriously hilarious that you went mall walking. Yeah, my grandma does that everyday. Old men are the funniest. And you crack me up. Come live by us.

  2. I can agree! I can agree! I CAN AGREE!!! I sometimes look back thinking why didn't I do A, B, & C instead of doing the things I wish to do now. I think the best thing to do is if you are interested...try it or at least find out more to get you through the next phase. The next thing would be to make a list of things you wish to accomplish or do on a monthly basis and do your best a reaching them, maybe weekly or daily. Easier said then done, right? Bottom line, YOU CRACK ME UP! Love reading your blogs, you're too funny!