Thursday, August 18, 2011

best things this week

this week has been pretty rough.  borderline awful.  so, in attempt to round house kick this bad attitude in the face, I'm going to tell you some of the awkward and awesome happenings this week, to steal a phrase that couldn't be more perfect.

hubs got his refill of cindy crawford's meaningful beauty products in the mail yesterday.  two fold funny because 1: it reminded me of when he got sucked into that infomercial like a cheerio into a vacuum cleaner and tried to tell me about how I would have too. "its this melon that's only found in one place on EARTH with a shelf life of 16 years!", and 2:  he's obviously not the one who orders things online normally because he totally didn't know that they automatically sign you up for shipments every month for the rest of your life.

standing in one side of my in-laws sink wearing hubs oversized flip flops while madly plunging the other side (with a TOILET plunger...ugh) to unstop the overflowing sink that was caused by hubs juicing beets the night before.  after letting it (the plunger) drip dry, I carried it across the floor where it almost immediately dumped nasty poop/sink water on the floor.  the beav immediately ran over, slipped in it, and nearly concussed himself (plural for concussion) he hit his head so hard.  what. a. day.

I was asked to photograph a PAYING client yesterday.  this is monumental.  and no, it's not my mom.  but almost.

turning on the oven to bake some cookies and not remembering until I nearly burn the house down that the oven is where my mother-in-law keeps her PACKAGED bread goods.  TWICE.  I've now ruined approximately 5 english muffins, ten croissants, three loaves of bread, three biscuits, and quite possibly, and oven.  hubs hurried and destroyed the evidence to save me from embarrassment.

how does that song go?  fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?

family has mad skills.  my brother decided to BUILD copies of this and this.  check it.
ps. these are the copies.  He measured, bought, stained, and affixed all the wood (and metal) to create the items below.

mad skills?  most definitely.

the beav is starting to learn how to dribble.  a ball, not saliva.  hubs bounces it while he tries to imitate him and dances around the room.  so cute.  Have I told you his first word was CATCH?  should I just get a minivan now and get it over with?

taking these pictures of my brother.  hot off the press.  and really, could he get any better looking?  He litterally ROLLED out of bed and threw on a shirt. ridiculous.

everyone should make an awesome and awkward, it really changes your day!  thanks for the idea syd.


  1. You're a Sydney fan! Me too! Remi, we seriously need to hang out. Come see our house soon. :)