Friday, August 19, 2011

reality is: I'm loving my new hobby.

I found this photographer the other day and her philosophy really rang true to me.  this is absolutely, positively, what I want to capture in my photographs.

so here's a few that are spot on with each personality.

 (my amazing sister edited this one.  she also featured me 
yesterday on her blog.  check her out here.)

I'm pretty downright pleased.
(I speak in a southern accent when I get excited)

if you want christmas photos of your family wrangling a cow or flying in your swim goggles, I'm your girl.

also! more photos on my pinterest page.  check them out here.


  1. I love all these photos! And I want the ones of Kade blown up and on my wall. You are amazing- reality girl. Now there's a name for your business.

  2. Remi, your pictures look amazing! Love your work, keep it up!

  3. I love them! Seriously send the picture of Kade to Abercrombie- it looks like a picture straight off the wall! Plus the pictures of Whitney and her baby are un-real adorable!!